Saturday, February 27, 2010

Session 8B - Eime Campaign / Session 1 The Fallen Lands Planning (Please RSVP)

I'm still planning on posting an abbreviated summary of Session 8a before we next get together to complete the session and this round of the campaign, but in the meantime let's start talking about Session 8b and the beginning of our next campaign cycle in the Kingdom of Thrang.

I won't be free again until March 20 at the earliest, so I thought I'd take a chance and see who could make it if we held our next session next weekend. So who can make:

Date: Saturday, March 6 2010
Start Time: 6PM
Location: TBD

*Please RSVP in the comments as soon as you can.


Ironbeard said...

I can do Friday or Saturday with equal ease.

Riley A. Vann said...

I have a friend coming to visit starting that Sunday so I'd have to be there virtually, but Saturday works for me.

Riley A. Vann said...

And, as with Carl, Friday is fine as well.

post festum said...

Thanks guys...I've sent around a note to the whole group to try to remind them to vote as well.