Monday, February 8, 2010

Session 7 - Hero of the Night

Hi all - Can we have some discussion and final votes in the comments from folks regarding their choices for "Hero of the Night"?

There are clearly lots of good choices, and I've posted some insightful comments on the subject by Andy in the comments to get us started. Please vote early and often as is your pleasure.


post festum said...


"It's tough because I thought we worked well together all night. Carl had some great compelling arguments for killing the skeletons before allowing them to revive. Drin gave us the first really big
clue about how to reinterpret the puzzle of the "one to the left and two to the right" by suggesting to ignore the "locks" on the door and imagine the room itself as the puzzle. Without it, we wouldn't have been able to do much.

In the end, though, my vote has to go for Jay since he got us the clue in the first play by figure out what to say to the statue and get us going
on solving the dungeon. He made a number of other excellent suggestions throughout the evening so in a tough night to pick just one hero, he gets my vote."

Riley said...

At this rate, looks like Lilyak might win through simple voter apathy.

post festum said...

Well, the old "realist" school in American political science always claimed that voter apathy was the only thing that kept the idiots from influence policy. Perhaps the radio silence is a good thing after all.

Although it is odd that Lilyak has nothing to say in support of her candidacy?...But considering that none of our players spend time online info-snacking, I suppose this is to be expected.


Batman1970 said...

It's funny, I've been thinking about this a lot to tell you the truth. In fact, I think about this campaign a lot. The sad fact is that I'm visiting the blog, lurking about three or four times a day.

I'm so gobsmacked that Lilyak is nominated to be hero of the night that I've been stunned speechless. I can't lie -- it would be REALLY cool to be "Hero of the Night." I'm just geeky/proud/competitive enough that I would include this on my Faculty Development Report.

This is SUCH a conflict for me -- I would LOVE to be hero, but it just seems douchey of me to vote for myself. The more consideration I gave this, the more I thought about the stand that Ayak made in the doorway, being attacked by the Hydu. I think things could have been MUCH worse without his bottle-necking the door and taking the damage he took.

In the end, I'm not sure how much I really did -- I said I was sorry -- and I think that was the trigger for the statue. Beyond that, I don't think I did anything to save the party or particularly help it otherwise. Drin managed to figure out the real meaning of the puzzle, and Ayak stopped the hounds of hell in their tracks.

In the end, as much as I am loathe to admit it, I don't know that Lilyak really deserves the Hero designation. I think it should be split between Drin and Ayak. They were the ones who got us through the night safely with everyone intact.

Thanks for the vote of confidence though. It really felt good.

Riley said...

And oddly, we are the ones unconscious on the floor. Drin without a doubt proved key when she gave us the key to figuring out to stop focusing on the door with the tumblers. Ayak definitely took a brunt of the attack from the Hydu's, but several of us thought of that strategy. I only rolled the dice. I stand by my vote for Lilyak, but would be willing to split my vote to go half to Drin if the DM were to allow such a thing.

Drin said...

I haven't voted yet. This concept of "hero of the night" is new to me, and I haven't wanted to chime in until I got a better feel for the campaign. I know for a fact that my heart was racing throughout the evening as Ayak got such great attacks in as he was pounded by the Hydu again and again. To me, that speaks to the notion of "hero of the night." But I also think we would still be there in front of the statue if it wasn't for Lilyak's quick wits and empathy (can one be empathetic with a statue?)
As for me, I still can't imagine that I had much to do with the riddle, as I'm not much of a puzzle solver.

Batman1970 said...

Alright -- it seems as though we're getting nowhere here. I'm not sure that I deserved it because all I did was say "I'm sorry." Ayak doesn't think he deserved it because all he did was get good rolls. Drin doesn't think she deserves it because she's not very good at solving puzzles. Yet the other two are saying these things are the reasons for being the hero.

Post, can we split this one three-ways? That way we can all maintain our protests and continue to slap each other on the back to congratulate each other for the others' greatness.

What say you, oh humble DM?

post festum said...

Since the number of xp is so small to begin with, I think I'd rather let one of the three players who have yet to comment cast the tie-breaking vote. If not I'll make sure to weigh in myself.

Is Lilyak close enough to leveling that the 150 points will make or break before Friday night?

Yattering said...

As semi-useless magic user, I have to vote for the muscle that saved our asses: Ayak. (If not Ayak, can I vote for Smutty? The poor guy kept his wits while being locked in a coffin, and he did his Master's bidding rather well.)

post festum said...

Thanks for adding your thoughts, Yattering.

Since we still seem to be deadlocked, the dm decrees that the party's two female compatriots, Drin and Lilyak, are equally deserving of the 150xp, so both should feel free to add that total to their current xp.