Wednesday, March 25, 2009

House Rules Question: Descending vs Ascending AC

To start the discussion off right, how about your current thinking on descending vs ascending AC in Swords&Wizardry.

Which are you currently thinking of using?  Benefits and drawbacks of each?


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those heretics who prefers Ascending Armor Class. Running C&C games for a few years has spoiled me - I love not having to regularly reference combat matrices during a game session.

post festum said...

Hey there gnombient

I fear I might also be a heretic...Although in my case it was returning to the game via 3.5 that spoiled me on the descending system.

That said, I understand the nostalgia argument too, and I think this is a choice to take seriously.

Still, I've begun to think as a player that I might like the idea of being able to "receive" to-hit bonuses at different levels. Even though the same bonuses are there in the descending system, being able to add rather than subtract just seems like your character is gaining something...

post festum said...

Hey gnom-bientus

I just realized who you were...Thanks for stopping by and I must say I'm enjoying your blogging on the Library game very much. Very exciting idea.

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