Monday, December 13, 2010

Next Campaign

I'm really looking forward to Jay's birthday and finishing up The Grinding Gear this weekend. In case you hadn't heard, Carl is putting his campaign on hiatus for a while after Saturday. I ran a mini campaign for Carl and Matt H. this summer when they came down for a Yankees game and it worked so well, I asked if they minded if we open it up for everyone. If there is time after The Grinding Gear--assuming we survive to escape!--we will actually start up my campaign currently titled The Dungeons of Akban.

I'm currently writing up a summary of what Carl and Matt's characters accomplished and you'll all join in when they return to town. I'm trying something different though to support the campaign. I'm keeping all of the material for the sessions, including the summary of events up till now, over at Epic Words. It will allow us to keep track of all kinds of information in a central location. The first thing everyone will want to do is create an account there and search campaigns for "Dungeons of Akban." Join it using the password "Andronia." If you want to create a character before Saturday, you can put all his/her information there and even create a journal entry telling us your backstory. The site will allow us to keep a record of all the loot as well as a place you can always see your experience points. I'll post summaries of the adventures there as well as any files that might be relevant like maps. The interesting thing will be seeing everyone's journal entries describing the adventure from your character's point of view. If you have any questions, just let me know. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I will. Take care.


Julia said...

I've joined Epic Words, and I'm about ready to join the campaign. I have a cleric character already rolled and ready. It seems like a cleric would be appropriate, but I notice that we already have one. Perhaps another would be nice to have...?

Or is there any limitation on class/race, etc.?

The site looks interesting, and I can't wait to try it.

Batman 1970 said...

I have not yet been on, but I'm looking forward to doing so. I'm with Julia in wondering about restrictions -- also, how many characters should we have? I always have two, given my low survival rate, but should I have two ready to play as well as backups?

I was considering a Monk -- I actually made it to Lvl 3 in Eime, so I thought there might be a chance. . . .

One final question -- I was wondering whether it might be possible to have a dog. Not as a familiar, but as a pet/protector. I was thinking an Akita -- the Samurai dog to go with my monk.

I'm looking forward to getting up and running!

Riley said...

Right now in there party there is a dwarven fighter, two human clerics, and an elven adventurer (which if I'm not mistaken can choose to be either a MU or a fighter each day). Personally, I love the cleric and would have no problem if you wanted to run another one, but maybe your fellow players want to weigh in on that.

As far as race, I had imagined just human, dwarf, and elf, but if you wanted to run a halfling or something else, just let me know. In Andronia, which is all the party has really seen of this world yet, there were at one time both elven and dwarven missions or embassies if you will, but for some reason they were abandoned suddenly a year or two ago. No one in town is really sure why.

For classes, obviously the normal fighter, MU, cleric are available, and we certainly have precedent for anyone wanting to play a monk--*ahem* Jay *ahem*--or a thief, so those are available as well. I was contemplating though, allowing people to choose a few more options available in Supplemental Lore for Swords and Wizardry by Salvatore Macri < >. I have a copy if you want to wait and roll a character Saturday from the book. It has the additional classes of paladin, assassin, druid, ranger, illusionist, bard, jester, and a modified cleric called Godi. Basically, this introduces all the classes from first edition AD&D.

My one fear is that this might make things too complicated and ruin the beautiful simplicity of S&W, but I'm willing to hear anyone out if one of those other classes strikes your fancy.

I hope that answers your questions. If not, please let me know. I'm very excited to get started and am very glad you like Epic Words so far. Now, back to planning your deaths, I mean, adventures!

Riley said...

Jay, as far as the monk, you can see my answer above. How could I tell you no monk on your birthday no less?

About the dog, I'm going to say you certainly can have the dog, but right now, he's just a pet. However, he's not going to be Ace the Bat Hound. We can talk in person about ways perhaps you could get him trained up to make him a good watchdog at least. The dog will also take some of your resources as he'll need at least a half ration a day.

As far as number of characters, Matt and Carl both have two characters because they were doing the dungeon alone, but since there will be plenty of people, I say roll as many characters as you want, but only plan on playing one at a time. Matt and Carl made it through with all their characters intact during some very intense action, so keep your hopes high for your character's longevity.

post festum said...

Just a quick note to say I'm following along, but need to finish a few more projects before I get my PC info up on the site.

See you all Saturday. I'm going to need a long nap in the early PM in order to make it. The last birthday party I attended that involved so much d&d over so many hours was my own 10th birthday. Really looking forward to it.

Riley said...

Matt, I sent you a couple of messages about things I couldn't recall--loot and magic spells for your character--so be sure to check your email for those.

I've been working very hard to finish the summary of the *last* session before this one starts and it's taking forever. it should be there though under the Journal heading when you are on the campaign site.

For the life of me, I can't remember what else I had to say, so I'll close for now. Nap away, Matt, because you'll need your wits about you.

Julia said...

Well, I do have a cleric (who follows a goddess of music) and a magic user already rolled, but I have to say I'm intrigued at the thought of assassin, druid, or (dare I say it) bard. Not sure if any of these might prove useful in the campaign. Is there a way to see the info online for free? I just might have to break down and buy some books soon.

On a side note, I wanted to share the following funny: "Dungeons and Discourse" and there is an Advanced, as well, if you look through the archives. Enjoy!

Erth said...

I would be interested in the assassin and/or jester, fyi, though I'll need to view the info on them to be sure. So, please allow for some last minute creation.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

Riley said...

There should be plenty of time for you to roll up a character there. After all, it doesn't take more than 10 minutes--one of the beauties of S&W. I'll bring the supplement and people can talk about it. I'm not very familiar at all with some of the other classes like Jester or Assassin, so we'll learn together I guess. Read through the campaign story up till now if you want an idea of the kinds of things the party is in the middle of. It's under the journal section at EW.

Julia, the one fear I have of the Assassin, is how that will fit in with the party as it is. It should be interesting how an assassin would fit in with Carl's Lawful Neutral cleric for example. But we can talk about all of it.

This is my very first campaign to run, so I'm bundle of nervous excitement. I have the extra trouble of having to follow Carl and Matt's excellent campaigns. *fingers crossed*. See everyone on Saturday!

Erth said...

Oh, Riley. I imagine we're all as geeked up as you are! You've had some great role-models to demonstrate what's possible, so far; it will be fun seeing it come together in your own way. : )

Riley said...

Thanks, Paul!

And Jay, I was looking through the rules, and there is a list of types of assistants you can hire and animal trainer is one of the people, so it looks like you *can* give your dog some training. I'll say that it will take a month of time and 125g to get your dog trained to be a good watchdog. I think anything else beyond that would be too much like a familiar, but I'll listen to anyone's arguments about that.

Batman 1970 said...


I'm totally cool with it taking time and money -- I don't want it too much like a familiar. I think that would give me an unfair advantage as a 1st level character.

I was thinking my backstory for the monk would be (and I was just about to write this up on Epic Words) that my monastery created life bonds between a monk and an animal. Part of that bonding is exactly the type of training that would make the dog an excellent watchdog and very loyal. I thought this would work particularly well since by 4th level, a monk has the ability to speak with animals. This seemed to dovetail very well with my "lifebond" backstory, since as they grow closer, they will be able to communicate better. I was CERTAINLY NOT planning on sharing hit points or anything like that with Ace the Bat Hound.

Part of the problem with the month and gold is that Monks aren't able to hire hirelings -- we only get followers when we get up in levels. Also, they treat treasure like Paladins -- they don't get to keep any.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Batman 1970 said...


Another quick question -- In Eime, I was allowed to have "Calpops" -- very limited explosive packets that worked far better as a distraction than as a weapon that would do physical damage upon explosion. I don't remember how much they cost, but if possible, I'd love to have some for distraction purposes.


Riley said...

Let me think about that, Jay. Right now, if you read through the summary so far, you'll see that Andronia is a bit empty of goods right now because of the blockade by the thieves, but it's very possible you can find someone to make them elsewhere or even in Andronia once the siege is lifted.

Matt, do you remember what price you put on them?

For the hirelings, I wouldn't see the trainer as anything like a hireling, but no different than hiring a weapon maker to create a weapon for you or the like.

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