Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Renaissance Festival, Anyone?

Anyone interested in making the trip with Sophie and I to the Sterling Festival before it ends in mid-August?  Given our other travel plans, the best weekends for us are as follows:

Sunday, August 1
Saturday/Sunday, August 7&8


Riley said...

Have fun! If we lived closer, I'd totally go.

ze bulette said...

I remember going to that when I lived near Rochester. Have a great time! We're looking forward to the Shrewsbury Ren Faire in Oregon later this summer.

Ironbeard said...

Sunday August 1 will work for me.

post festum said...

@ze bulette

I love the Digressions. Regular reading, especially to poach many of your great ideas.


August 1 works great for me as well. Let's do it.

Erth said...

We'll have to pass this time around. Have a blast!

Batman 1970 said...

The brood and I will not be in attendance to this particular event. It simply costs too much for the amount of understanding and enjoyment they get out of it.

I was wondering however, if we might be able to accommodate another bout of S&W that weekend. I know Matt and Heather aren't leaving until the next weekend, and if I remember our DM's schedule, it should be an open weekend. I also think Julia might be able to join us since her LARP adventure is finished.

I'm guessing that would mean moving the Stirling event back a weekend, and I don't know if there's interest or ability to do that at this point.

Regardless, thanks for a good time this last weekend. I'm so excited that I've now survived two entire nights. I'm totally going for my record-matching 3!

Have fun all.

Erth said...

I'll be out of town beginning Friday the 30th through Sunday the 1st, fyi.

Calysta said...

As much as we LOVE the Ren Faire, we, too, will have to sit this one out. The trip to Oregon has really put a tremendous financial strain on our family this summer.

Speaking of Oregon, we leave on the 8th, so if we were to schedule a time to play before the trip, we'd be looking at next weekend, July 30-Aug. 1, but I see Erth will not be able to attend then, so that may not even be on the table. We can also be available to play during the week, but I don't know what people's work schedules are like. We'll go along with whatever the group decides.

I had a blast last session, btw. Thanks to everyone for a fabulous evening of gaming! :D

Julia said...

I am available that weekend, but I'm not sure I'm up for the Ren. Faire this year. I'll have to ask Brian and Douglas and see if they're interested, and then I can get back with you.

post festum said...

Just a reminder: We're set to go sometime on the 1st if anyone else becomes interested at the last moment.