Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Session 1 - The Fallen Lands (RSVP ASAP)

Date: Friday, March 19 2010
Start Time: 7PM
Location: DM's Home.

*Please RSVP in the comments as soon as you can. If you need an address or directions, let the dm know in the comments as well.

It looks like we are going to freeze the dramatic fight between "The Eight" and the goblins (and other?) inhabitants of Giantscrag and start our next round of Eime campaign sessions in medias res when we return to the Island.

Our next session, then, will be devoted solely to starting our next campaign in Ironbeard's "Fallen Lands" setting. In the coming days perhaps our dm can post and/or send any campaign-related information to the players?

Finally, it would be great if all the regular players in the group weigh in on the comments about their availability on this new date...I know many of you have responded negatively to the 3/20 date, but let's try to get a March session going before we slip into April.


Riley said...

I should be available for March 19th. If something comes up and I can't drive, I'll definitely be available via Skype.

Ironbeard said...

I can do the 19th.

Drin said...

Bat suggested I write so you don't worry about me....

I should be available on the 19th (long story), but I'll be late, as my dh isn't home on Fridays this term until around 7. I'll roll up a couple of characters before then.

Batman 1970 said...

Howdy all,

I'm sort-of in the same boat as Drin. I'll be available after 7:00 the 19th. I'm really hoping we'll go for this even though this means a late start for at least two of us and an absence for a third. I'd rather have a shorter night of gaming than no gaming at all.


post festum said...

Thanks all for responding - let's definitely go forward with this date. Maybe Tony will be able to join us after all. But even if not, we should easily have a quorum.

How about we change our start time to 7PM in light of commitments of Bat and Drin? They can join us as soon as workable for them.

How about my place at 7PM?

Riley said...

Sounds good. If I can't be up there in person, I'd definitely like to Skype in if you are cool with that.

Ironbeard said...

Sounds great!

Yattering said...

It sounds great, folks, but I will be in Florida at the conference for the fantastic in the arts. I will certainly roll up a character for future Thrangian adventures.