Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Islands of Eime Campaign - Session Summary 1

A Brief Account of the Activities of the Party in the Year 640LB, during the 9th Moon and the First Week of 10th Moon.

According to documents in the Colony Trading Company House of Records for Aleine County, in the year 640LB, on the Day of the Frog, first week of 10th Moon, a group of eight adventurers disembarked from the aging ship, the Barbarossa, which was recently arrived from the continent of Emerick, and entered the port city of Aleine. Calling themselves an adventuring party, which they referred to as "The Eight", the following eight names were entered into the port registry as known associates, in exchange for several copies of a map of Aleine city and two color copies of the latest available map of the entire Island of Eime produced by the famous "Cosmographer": Epic, a male Dwarven fighter; Enyd, a female Dwarven fighter; "Hawkeye", a Halfling burglar; Chauve-Souris, a Human monk; Rand, a human fighter; Finneas Cleg, a human magic user; Pym Sykes, a human monk; and, last but certainly not least, the silver-tongued Gwyd, a human magic user.The group had arrived in Aleine after having joined fortunes on the deck of the Barbarossa during the long and not uneventful cross-ocean voyage. Of most importance was their agreement to begin working for the aging Grimsby, agreeing to serve as protection after the death of his first guard.

As the weeks at sea wore on, The Eight also accepted a sea nixie's quest and descended to the bottom of the Great Ocean via a magic vortex and bubble chasm, where they found the wreck of the Stutterer's Mill - a former ship belonging to the Colony Trading Co., which lay in two pieces on the sea floor. As they explored the area, the recovered many large oysters while doing battle with two exploding bones skeletons as well as three skeletal former pirates who were captive prisoners on the ship before it sank.In their exploration of the shipwreck, the party was fortunate to have discovered a mysterious helm that seems to increase the acumen of its wearer at least once per day, as well as a ship's manifest detailing a cargo of slaves bound for Colony Company Town 2, as well as two "Malforms" that were to be transported back to the human port city of Palon on the northern coast of Emerick. These "malforms" were to be investigated, according to the manifest, since they were of a "strange" and "as yet unidentified magical nature".

While back on the Barbarossa, the party then faced a crucible: whether or not to follow Grimsby's request and "dispose" of Grimsby's remaining guard, Jonesy. After much moral reflection (and some minor hand-wringing), The Eight decide to throw a weakened Jonesy
overboard while the Barbarossa was still far from land, thus deciding to accept the employment opportunity presented them by Grimsby. Chauve-Souris, a monk of the Order of the Son of the Bat Man, in the end dropped his moral objection to this plan but decided that his own hands would not be stained if he simply refused to be present when the deed was done.After several rounds of inter-group debate and negotiation with Grimsby (fronted by the very able and silver-tongued magic user Gwyd who the others seem to trust to speak for their interest) the party learned from their new employer that he and his partners possessed a claim to a new and as yet untapped mine called the "Boundless Buckle". Grimsby worries that his partners were trying to use magic to remove him as an obstacle to their sole possession of the mine. He also tells The Eight that the law of the land in Eime requires that 1000gp of value be removed from a claim before it can be "officially" registered as belonging to an individual or party. And, if they agree to help him protect the claim from jumpers until he can hire a sufficient force to protect the mine full-time as well as complete the necessary paperwork in Aleine, then he will give them first crack at removing that first 1000gp value from the mine.

The Eight made landfall and, after spending an eventful evening at a rauckous Aleine inn called The Monk and the Duck, pressed on towards the small hills to the south said by Grimsby to be the location of his claim. Their evening in Aleine wasn't entirely without event, however, as several members of the group made a small profit by placing side bets on their very own halfling Hawkeye's chances of surviving a dual of Drunken Daggers. That afternoon and the following morning, the group sold a few of its few treasures, did a little resupplying, and made their way out of Aleine and decided to follow south and east the strange, ancient and strangely beautiful road called by locals "The Brass Rail".

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